Top DC Area Property Development Firms

Washington DC is in a redevelopment stage. Real estate developers like FLH Company ( are extra busy building sustainable and green technology structures.

Annual Dart Sponsored Gala in its Fifth Year

It’s no surprise that the Dart Foundation, where Ken Dart (learn more) sits on the board of directors, makes a difference in communities all over the nation. Though the Dart family likes to give back to their home community in Michigan, with over $14.4 million dollars in grants to organizations in mid-Michigan alone, the Dart Foundation also makes huge impacts in faraway communities. Sarasota, Florida cites the Dart Foundation as responsible for improvement in several different organizations.

The Young Women’s Leadership Schools of New York City

On October 15th, 2014 the TYWLS had their (Em)Power Breakfast,  which consisted of 600 guests and the 2,200 girls who attend the TYWLS schools in New York City. The breakfast was a celebration of these young women’s efforts as students, citizens and role models in their community. There were four honorees also present at the brunch that have all made a name for themselves in the working world. The honorees consisted of, Andrew Farkas, Anna Quindlen, Idina Menzel and Dina Powell.

New Vanderbilt Scholarship Honored To Select First-Year Law Students

Amy and Frank Garrison Social Justice Fund is founded upon a mission that is very much in alignment with that of their alma mater. As Frank Garrison said, “we can always do better, we can always work harder to eliminate injustice and inequality.” Similarly, Vanderbilt Law School offers a J.D. and all-around curricula that is well-suited for students passionate about public interest law.

Youth Training 101

In this nation, youth sports have actually truly taken off over the past twenty years or so. More children are playing more sports, on more fields, all over this country; and thousands of males and females are being hired to lead these efforts. So … why do we do it? Why should we volunteer our… Read More »

HD Radio – Great And Bad News For Listeners

If you’re not knowledgeable about HD Radio, it’s the hot digital innovation that’s being pressed by radio broadcasters as the next big thing and the rescuer of terrestrial radio. The Excellent The great information HD Radio does sound better than regular radio. In fact, HD AM sounds nearly as good as FM radio, and FM… Read More »