The Young Women’s Leadership Schools of New York City

The Young Women’s Leadership Schools (TYWLS) in New York City were originally created as a network that worked to implement in students the skills they needed to succeed in life. The first TYWLS School opened in 1996 and today there are five different TYWLS schools in New York. The Network Schools are located in East Harlem, Queens, Astoria, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

In 2001, Oprah Winfrey was the graduation speaker for the TYWLS of East Harlem’s first class of seniors to graduate. Winfrey had a notable quote at the ceremony, “When I heard your stories, I saw my life in your lives… Girls, you have proven that this is what public education can be.”

TYWLS is a privately funded school system for girls in the sixth through twelfth grade. 80% of the girls who attend TYWLS will be the first in their family to go to college. Since 2001, TYWLS has helped 6,500 girls enroll in college! The majority of the girls come from low-income families who have had to persevere through multiple obstacles, but education will not be one of them.

On October 15th, 2014 the TYWLS had their (Em)Power Breakfast,  which consisted of 600 guests and the 2,200 girls who attend the TYWLS schools in New York City. The breakfast was a celebration of these young women’s efforts as students, citizens and role models in their community. There were four honorees also present at the brunch that have all made a name for themselves in the working world. The honorees consisted of, Andrew Farkas, Anna Quindlen, Idina Menzel and Dina Powell.

The breakfast was filled with motivational speeches, personal stories, and inspirational quotes from the honorees. All of the honorees continue to make their mark in the working world and have gotten there in their own unique ways.

TYWLS continues to make a mark on New York City and on young girl’s throughout the city who strive to educate themselves and in turn educate the world.

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Organizations that Help the Young Women in Your Life

Girls and young women are often seen as “dramatic” and people tend to brush over their temper tantrums. The reality is that sometimes girls are not being dramatic and they truly do have a personality issue, which needs help.  Parents often complain that they have “lost” their daughter to a lack of respect, self-centeredness or even bi-polar disorder. We have productive solutions for you, which will help you enjoy your daughter, best friend or sister once again.

Community- Based Programs
Often in small communities, they will offer programs that will work extensively to help the girls and young women in the community who are dealing with emotional and behavioral programs.  In Richmond, Virginia, the Brookfield Foundation is a community- based housing program that helps both young girls and women who are coping with severe emotional and behavioral programs. Doug Nabhan Richmond-based lawyer Doug Nabhan, serves as the President of the foundation, leads the program.

Boot Camp for Girls
A boot camp for girls with severe behavioral programs is a camp where the main goal is modifying the behavior or girls and young women. The boot camp program last typically anywhere from six to eight weeks and is an alternative to correctional facilities, which are often used in the most extreme cases. The boot camp strives to teach young women to be accountable for their actions and to think before they act, which are two very important life lessons.

Asheville Academy for Girls
The Asheville Academy for Girls is known as being ‘a school for troubled girls or girls with behavioral problems.’ Asheville uses a multi-disciplinary approach, which is unique for each girl at the school and will help them overcome all of their life problems. Whether a young girl has a case such as cutting herself or emotionally shutting down, Asheville works extensively with each girl and their family to create positive changes for the whole family.

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The Art of Giving

The act of philanthropy is always appreciated no matter the amount. From year to year, we hear stories of people who spend both their time and money donating to causes they are passionate about. Passion, many times, equates into donating to a foundation your family has been personally impacted by or an organization, which has helped a love one or yourself.

In the June 2014 issue of the Washington Life Magazine they released, “The Philanthropic 50: Washington’s Most Generous Benefactors.” This year’s philanthropic benefactors gave prominently to the arenas of art, children, education and healthcare. We will highlight a couple of the generous benefactors of 2014.

Yousef and Abeer Al-Otaiba

The ambassador of the United Arab Emirates and his wife co-chaired the Children’s National Medical Center gala this year, which raised around $11 million, the largest amount ever raised. Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba also raised $150 million from his country for the Sheik Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at the Children’s National Medical Center. They have also raised $80 million for units at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore. Additionally they have donated $1 million to help Joe’s Champs Fight for The Children to raise money to improve schools in neighborhoods of need in Washington.

Raul and Jean- Marie Fernandez

The Fernandez’s teamed-up with Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank to raise $4 million dollars for the Fight for Children’s Fight Night. Additionally, Jean-Marie was the chairmen for the Catholic Charities yearly gala where they raised $2.1 million. The Fernandez’s are also very involved in giving to organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, D.C. Public Education Fund and Georgetown University.

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New Vanderbilt scholarship honored to select first-year law students

The newly-implemented Garrison Social Justice Scholar program will commence this upcoming spring, when a current first-year J.D. student will be selected to receive a supplemental annual scholarship coupled with summer stipends. As the name suggests, the Amy and Frank Garrison Social Justice Law Fund is meant to support students who aim to serve the broader public interest, by working in NGOs or judicial chambers or serving clients who may have been dispossessed, discriminated against or economically disadvantaged.

This upcoming spring, besides receiving an annual scholarship of $20,000, the recipient will also be awarded two summer fellowship stipends of $5,000 each while they do summer work practicing their coursework in the public interest. Each year forward, the Scholar selected for the award will receive an annual scholarship of upwards of $7,500 as well as the $5,000 summer stipends prior to graduation.

Amy and Frank Garrison Social Justice Fund is founded upon a mission that is very much in alignment with that of their alma mater. As Frank Garrison said, “we can always do better, we can always work harder to eliminate injustice and inequality.” Similarly, Vanderbilt Law School offers a J.D. and all-around curricula that is well-suited for students passionate about public interest law.

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Youth Training 101

In this nation, youth sports have actually truly taken off over the past twenty years or so. More children are playing more sports, on more fields, all over this country; and thousands of males and females are being hired to lead these efforts. So … why do we do it? Why should we volunteer our time, our sweat, our tears, and our hearts to training these young gamers?

Possibly you drew the short straw at the moms and dads meeting. Possibly you want your children to have a possibility to win something for a modification. Who knows, perhaps we all just want to be a part of something that we missed out on when we were more youthful. I understand that there are lots of excellent factors, however I’m certain that the very best factor of all is this: we coach so we can offer something back to our community and to offer something back to our youngsters.

With the means most of our lives work nowadays, we lead an increasingly remote way of life. We dash from our the homes of our tasks, and then from our jobs to the supermarket, or to our youngsters’s schools … and then if we’re lucky, from there to a quick supper prior to collapsing into a stack so we can get some sleep before the next day’s race. There is never time to become part of our neighborhood, never really time to do more than survive.


Coaching our young gamers enables us to be part of the answer. Research after research study has actually shown that when kids are involved in orderly activities, they do better in school and within their families. So the genuine concern isn’t how can we make time for this, it’s more like, how can we not make time for this?

I think we have actually all satisfied the bad coach, the unreasonable person who deals with 8 years of age like they are adult guys from the NFL. We’ve likewise satisfied the guy who encourages his gamers to try brand-new things in life, and to learn about …

HD Radio – Great And Bad News For Listeners

If you’re not knowledgeable about HD Radio, it’s the hot digital innovation that’s being pressed by radio broadcasters as the next big thing and the rescuer of terrestrial radio.

The Excellent

The great information HD Radio does sound better than regular radio. In fact, HD AM sounds nearly as good as FM radio, and FM sounds virtually as bright, clear and interference complimentary as if you were paying attention to a CD. And because HD is digital, broadcasters can squeeze longer signals into the exact same frequency. This permits them to relay different programs on what they’re calling HD2 channels. For instance, an oldies station might program modern C&W on its typical frequency, and old-time C&W on its HD2 channel.

More excellent information is that fact that, relying on who you think, there are now either 1,300 to1,500 stations in the U.S. that are transmitting HD Radio.

The difference? It’s that he HD Radio Alliance declares there are 1,500 HD stations, however the FCC has just 1,300 licenses on file.

The problem.

While HD Radio might sound fantastic and while there at least 1,300 stations transmitting HD Radio, you cannot hear them. That is, not unless you buy an HD radio. And HD radios have the tendency to be pricey. There is only one, economical, entry-level tabletop readily available, the Radiosophy HD100 at $99.95. The next step up is RadioShack’s Accurian HD Radio, which typically costs about $199 and a Sony system at $199.95. Beyond that, there is the Sangean HDR-1 with a producer’s suggested retail of $249, and afterwards it’s practically into the stratosphere of $300-plus.

Want HD radio in your car? The situation there is even worse. There are extremely couple of HD vehicle radios available and most of them are only tuners and should be linked to your existing manufacturing facility radio– an ugly option at best.

The ugliest part of th HD2 channels is that the programs– at least up until now– is hardly sufficient or innovative adequate to require buying a HD radio.

What makes it ugly is that the broadcaster could be making use …

Scandal (And The Internet) Helps Keep Celebrities In The News

As 2006 concerns an end, it appears that the year is identified to be defined by star scandal. When Tom Cruise got on Oprah Winfrey’s couch in late 2005 we had no concept that this apparently goofy event would not just affect the profession and bank-ability of probably Hollywood’s biggest star, however likewise develop a whole brand-new cottage industry of web blogging around celebrity misfortunes.

With each miss-step, there are thousands of website and blog owners there to comment, post videos and rehash every aspect of the celeb’s failure. Obviously, the blog writers aren’t totally to blame, as celebrities appear to have headed out of their means to make this year one that is infamous for famous people making notoriously offensive, ridiculous, or simply plain silly mistakes. When Mel Gibson was pulled over in Malibu California in July of this year for suspicion of driving under the influence and broke into an anti-Semitic tirade, it was tough to imagine that he was just getting things started. Since that time Michael Richards, who played Cosmo Kramer on TELEVISION’s Seinfeld, was shot screaming racial slurs at a L.a funny club and Danny DeVito has actually made an appearance on TELEVISION talk show The View relatively drunked and doing a rattling on impression of the President of the United States. Which’s not even counting the “Celebutants”, those young female celebs that are more notable for their party-going and revolving door of sweethearts then for any creative achievement. Over recent weeks the web has been a flutter with images of panty-less Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Even scarier for L.A. motorists (and society) is the current arrest of Nicole Richie for driving under the influence of a mix of drugs. Exactly what is apparently more noteworthy from Mr. Gibson and Ms. Richie’s arrests is the threat that they not just put themselves in, however people. Say exactly what you will about Tom Cruise, but the only individual who might have been hurt that day was Oprah.

Obviously, for numerous celebs, particularly the young Celebutants with little else creatively to count on, getting in the …

Mastering The Media: Ways to Take advantage of Your Publicity/Media Direct exposure Opportunities?

As a former TV news reporter/producer and a present PR/publicity expert, I have been on both sides of the media job interview video game. I like to think I have a good eye for what makes a good job interview source, the best ways to conduct an intriguing job interview, and the best ways to offer a compelling meeting. There are a couple of techniques of the trade that can make you come off like a pro– which will certainly make the press reporter’s job easier and most likely translate into a much better PR/publicity positioning for you.

Here are a few standard suggestions to follow:.

* When a promotion campaign creates a media response, try to react as quickly as possible to that initial contact and subsequent demands. Reporters, editors and producers are on constant deadline. If they don’t get exactly what they really want from you quickly– they WO N’T wait– they WILL proceed to another source.

* State truths, not fireworks, keeping superlatives to a minimum. Proving your product and services is indeed the “BEST” is beside difficult. Don’t. Just state the certain benefits of your item matter of factly. Let the consumer choose which product is best. As long as you have a quality product and services, something that must be evident by the time you implement a promotion project, your product and services will not require “BEST EVER” or “NUMBER 1″ declares to come out in a favorable light.

Speak in sentences, not expressions.
Articulate your responses in the following manner: Subject– Verb– Object– Factor.

Ex: “We (subject) are introducing (verb) our new product (things).
to provide customers a healthy brand-new choice in drinks (reason).”.

This will certainly assist you give responses that are straightforward and quickly understood. Beginning sentences with phrases, has the tendency to make your responses appear drawn out, disjointed and many times unresponsive. This is not to state you ought to never begin a sentence with a phrase. Given, some media savvy interviewees can pull it off with articulation. Up until you get to that level– stick to the principles.


Youth and Media Advocacy

When it comes to youth and media advocacy, there are a great many organizations and programs that focus on different aspects of advocacy and the young people of the world. Some groups target positive messages to youth in an attempt to get the young people to consider issues that plague the population of the world today. Others however, focus on helping young people design, create, and market similar campaigns to share their messages with others. One excellent advocacy group, the Appalachian Media Institute is doing just that.

Located in Whitesburg, Kentucky, this highly successful organization has been working with youth for over 25 years. In that period of time they have developed quite a rap sheet for their accomplishments in this highly important field. In the process of creating more than 125 different student led advocacy films that have included the talents of more than 1,000 young people, the institution has been featured on NPR, recognized by Hillary Clinton, and been featured at screenings in both Sundance Film Festival and New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

The films created by the Appalachian Media Institute traditionally focus on the way that coal mining effects the Appalachian mountains. The Appalachian Media Institute (AMI) seeks to raise awareness for these issues and feels there is no better way to accomplish this feat than to employ the help of young, eager to learn young people. Not only can these young people have the opportunity to participate in a meaningful project, but they also teach them about the importance of media advocacy and take them step by step, teaching important technical and general life skills.

Those involved in the program have the opportunity to learn about creating popular media. They also explore the ins and outs of coal mining issues in the Appalachians. This makes them more receptive to the environment they live in and helps them develop sensitivity for topics of such importance. Furthermore, it gives them hands on experience with the creation of an influential project. The youth that are involved in projects funded by the AMI are more likely to participate …

Young Advocacy Groups – The Choice Program

The Choice Program, based in Baltimore, Maryland, has a mission to help youth make positive choices that so they will make a difference in the world today. Founded in 1987 by Mark Shriver, the Choice Program offers job training and placement to youth, offers crisis intervention and resources that help make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

Choice believes that it is important to offer youth opportunities that make a difference in their lives. Team members work together with respect, honesty and open communication. Excellent resources and support is the main focus of The Choice Program’s mission. The program partnered with the Children and Adolescent Health Advocacy Project in 1987, expanding over the years to include The Choice Jobs Program. The Choice Jobs Program then partnered with the AmeriCorps Program, offering on the job training and job placement for youth.

Choice Fellows offers services to young people and their families every day, all year long. Team members visit families to offer encouragement, support and inform them of available resources on a regular basis, and crisis intervention is available 24/7.

Choice’s pilot program, The Augusta Falls Savage Institute of Visual Arts, located in Baltimore, Maryland, opened an art display created by youth at the Visual Arts school. The art display, open to the public, displayed the artistic talents of the youth in the Choice Program and the school in a variety of mediums. Youth are encouraged to use their talents to the best of their ability.

Team members of The Choice Program encourage youth to build upon their talents through education so they can have a career doing what they love. They are encouraged to make a difference and carry their values on to the families they will one day have. With a positive attitude and the right resources and intervention, youth will excel in their lives.

The Choice Program is committed to helping youth and their families when trials arise. They believe that young people can transform the world. Youth leadership is encouraged, and with positive role models to support them on their journey, every …