All Elderly Patients Need Specialized Health Care

By | February 17, 2016

One of the worst things we all have to face is becoming elderly and unable to cope with life’s simplest of demands. It happens so gradually we don’t even see it coming, but suddenly there it is. As there are more and more of us, medical groups like JenCare Richmond have formed to facilitate the flow of specialists, caregivers, and pharmaceuticals into one highly functioning health care system. All aspects of a patient’s health care must be considered when decisions are made regarding living situations. The input of patient, family, caregivers, and most certainly, medical personnel is weighed together. No one person has to do it all alone. That is the hard way, and we really should try to avoid doing things the hard way.

When decisions have to be faced, it is best to gather all the facts and run comparisons on choices before wildly setting up appointments hither and yon. It is best to do a bit of research before making a plan. This is the hard part, but there is help at hand. JenCare can walk you through the procedure. A thorough checklist of possible steps to take can be found on the Aging Parents and Elder Care website. The Elder Care Support Group Bulletin Board can be accessed here as well.

The best retirement communities all bear in mind the fact that life is to be lived as fully as possible. Most have a three-pronged approach to doing this. The first is independent living for those who want it. The patient gets whatever amount of assistance they need when they need it. The second point, assisted living, is that all activity is healthy, whether it’s walking, playing cards, or playing with puppies. Activity promotes fun social events, and interaction builds on itself. Doing a jigsaw puzzle leads to a dance class which leads to an outing. The third point is to work within the patient’s limitations. As conditions change, adjustments are made that benefit that patient. Well-being is the goal for all, whether skilled nursing is needed or some form of rehab services. Memory care is available for those who have Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia.