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Organizations that Help in Albania

Islamic Relief began their work in Albania in 1991. The war had isolated Albania and living conditions were poor. Unrest was hampering the progress of the Albanian people. This was when Islamic Relief reached out a generous hand and began helping with the urgent needs of the people. They were responsible for providing food and clothing to the people what had suffered from the effects of the war. In 1992 Islamic Relief opened up an office. They wanted to implement projects to help Albanians in the future. They helped the people learn the tools and skills they required to be able to begin helping themselves. Their most recent projects have included aid in seasonal food and improvements in water access. Simply put, Islamic Relief has made a difference.

How to teach your children to be philanthropists

Many parents want their children to grow up to be philanthropic. The hard part is knowing when—and how—to start instilling a sense of philanthropy in them. Experts in the world of philanthropy offer several approaches. But there is a consensus that it’s important to start talking to children about philanthropy early in their lives and… Read More »

Organizations that work with Inside NGO

Islamic Relief An international organization that operates in six states in the United States, and is active in multiple other locations around the world, the organization’s mission since the early 1990s has been to make the world a better place. To that end, Islamic Relief provides clients with job search assistance, sufficient food and water, winterization techniques ranging from warm clothing to building insulation, and orphan relief. More recently, the organization has expanded its services to assist refugees.

New Yorkers for Children Annual Gala

The New Yorkers for Children holds a Gala every year. In 2016, it was celebrating its 20th anniversary in support of the New York’s youths in foster care. The ceremony was held at Cipriani 42nd Street and hosted by Steve Pemberton the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion and Global Chief Diversity Officer at Walgreens Boots Alliance. Trey Songz, Erica Bearman, Frederic Fekkai, Rose Gilroy, Eniko Mihalik, Alexia and David Leuschen and Luma Grothe were among the A- listers in attendance.

Charity organizations in the DC Area that give back to the community

IRUSA: IRUSA is a large community of individuals who have been working for nearly 25 years to offer individuals all over the world a better, safer place to live regardless of gender, race, or religion. They specifically help down and impoverished areas. One of the biggest ways they have given back to the community is through the Flint Water Crisis. The Flint Water Crisis is an ongoing toxic water crisis taking place in areas of Michigan. Irusa worked closely with many local charities in Michigan to distribute more than 300,000 bottles of clean drinking water to residents all over the area. IRUSA has also created a team that will deliver more than 135,000 gallons of clean water to the residents in the Flint, Michigan public housing complexes. This is just one of the many ways IRUSA has given back to their local community.

Charity in Los Angeles

The most heard-about residents in Los Angeles, CA are usually the ones in the entertainment industry. Actors and singers are usually the ones who represent L.A. to the world. However, the L.A. residents that should also take the spotlight are the charitable ones and the causes that they support. L.A. residents donate more than $5… Read More »

A memorable gift to an alma mater

“Harvard gave me a canvas on which to reinvent myself. I loved every second of it.” These are the words of Andrew Farkas who speaks fondly of his experience in Harvard. Andrew spent most of his memorable times with the Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club. To show his admiration and love for the old club and… Read More »

New Vanderbilt Scholarship Honored To Select First-Year Law Students

Amy and Frank Garrison Social Justice Fund is founded upon a mission that is very much in alignment with that of their alma mater. As Frank Garrison said, “we can always do better, we can always work harder to eliminate injustice and inequality.” Similarly, Vanderbilt Law School offers a J.D. and all-around curricula that is well-suited for students passionate about public interest law.