Must See Parks in the Cayman Islands

By | September 27, 2016

Everyone knows that the Cayman Islands is one of the top tourist attractions in the Caribbean. Beautiful blue water accented by white sandy peaches and beautiful foliage along with some of the most vibrant, colorful, and unique marine life around provide the perfect setting for any tropic vacation. While most people focus on the blue water and warm weather, along with the myriad dining options, The Cayman Islands are also home to some of the most beautiful parks the world has to offer. What are some of the must see parks during your tropic vacation? Read below to find out!

1. Public Beach Park at Seven Mile Beach

In addition to being a popular and scenic beach for tourists and residents alike, this beach has plenty of cabanas to relax and dine under, public restroom facilities, plenty of slides and swings for the kids, showers to rinse of after the day, and even a climbing wall! This is a park measuring 12 acres that has plenty of trees for shade as well as solar lighting to extend the day into the night. Furthermore, there are 100 parking spots for cars and a paved bath for plenty of cycling. Finally, there are also plenty of sports areas for those who prefer to stay active!

2. Dart Family Park

A generous gift from the charity organization the Ken Dart Foundation has led to the development of this beautiful park. This is an oasis near the South Sound and is filled with shady areas, gardens that double as slides, expansive climbing walls, plenty of gazebos and restroom facilities, and even an amphitheater! Come enjoy a few events while relaxing in the shade or enjoying the facilities! People can even book cabanas free of charge! Why not come and enjoy everything this park as to offer? The kids will love it!

3. Airport Park

This park has something for people of all ages! People can relax and watch the planes take off and land at the adjacent airport, gazing in awe as planes of all shapes and sizes fly overhead. The kids can enjoy plenty of boulders, climbing walls, and playground equipment. Furthermore, there are plenty of cabanas that can provide shade from the heat and lots of public restroom facilities. For those out there who love the sky, this park is perfect! With dozens of planes flying overhead at all hours, everyone will get their fill!