Organizations that work with Inside NGO

By | February 21, 2017
Organizations That Work With Inside NGO
When one thinks of descriptions that apply to NGOs, one thinks of well intentioned individuals with lots of great ideas, but lacking the money and other resources (such as training and other information) to make these goals happen. In response to these universal dilemmas, Inside NGO was formed in 2008 as the result of a merger between a pair of sister organizations. Providing free and low cost training to non-profit organizations all over the world, Inside NGO also provides consultancy services to these same organizations to help them more effectively handle operating costs and determine appropriate pay scales and career tracks within them. Inside NGO helps NGOs make the most of an increasingly diverse group of employees ranging from social workers to information technology specialists, which in turn benefits the clients that these organizations serve. Read on to learn more about NGOs that are thriving with Inside NGO’s assistance.

1. Save The Children
Started in 1932 in Harlan County, Kentucky to provide food, clothing, and medicine to children at the height of the Great Depression, Save The Children today has expanded its mission to serve millions of children in more than a hundred underdeveloped or crisis-ridden countries. In addition to continuing to supply the organization’s original services, it now assists young clients and their families in finding educational opportunities, adequate and clean drinking water, and safe havens for refugees.

2. Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation
Founded in the late 20th century by the technology guru and philanthropist and his wife, the mission of this organization is to eradicate illness and poverty through education initiatives.

3. Islamic Relief
An international organization that operates in six states in the United States, and is active in multiple other locations around the world, the organization’s mission since the early 1990s has been to make the world a better place. To that end, Islamic Relief provides clients with job search assistance, sufficient food and water, winterization techniques ranging from warm clothing to building insulation, and orphan relief. More recently, the organization has expanded its services to assist refugees.

4. Conservation International
Founded in 1987, this organization’s mission is to protect global natural resources against abuse and exploitation while promoting the sustainable use of nature. Conservation International specializes in the development, use, and promotion of science and policy initiatives. The country has offices in more than thirty countries, and emphasizes close working relationships with local partners.

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