Who Do Contact In The Washington DC Area For Real Estate Development?

Clark, Frank Haney, Thorsen and Hitt are all wonderful construction companies in the area run by the families that founded them. Their businesses are built in the foundations of the city where buildings have grown from the earliest ideas for the city. Each company is quite old, and they represent an old guard that has looked after the city for centuries.

A memorable gift to an alma mater

“Harvard gave me a canvas on which to reinvent myself. I loved every second of it.” These are the words of Andrew Farkas who speaks fondly of his experience in Harvard. Andrew spent most of his memorable times with the Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club. To show his admiration and love for the old club and… Read More »

Settling Corporate Crime Cases

Two decades ago, the Department of Justice sought for and delivered guilty pleas when it came to corporate crime but that was then. New expectations have changed and instead of guilty pleas, cases are settled with what are called non-prosecution agreements (NPA) and corporate deferred prosecution agreements (DPA). The neither “admit nor deny” types of… Read More »

Three Things You May Not Know About Startups

Another major reason for the 90% of failures is that there is no need for the product or service. The idea may be fantastic but if the market has no need for it, no one will purchase it!

Investing to Create High Wage Jobs

The good news is that there are companies that are willing to invest in small businesses and startups so that the business owners can succeed and more jobs can be created.

Managing Your Diabetes, Your Way

Preventing diabetes is actually simple when you think about it. There are a few things for you to do. For one thing, your eating habits can benefit from a diabetic diet that is high in various nutrients.