Investing to Create High Wage Jobs

The good news is that there are companies that are willing to invest in small businesses and startups so that the business owners can succeed and more jobs can be created.

White Collar Law Requires Quite A Bit Of Research

White collar lawyers such as Sean Hecker are completely their own investigations every day, and it is these investigations that uncover the real issues behind every case. A case involving white collar crime must be investigated on behalf of the plaintiff, the defendant and possibly a company that is caught in the middle. This article… Read More »

Yacht Owners Inspire Giving

The world of yachts and yachting has been rapidly changing, but for the racing element of yachting the changes are truly, astonishing. Pleasure crafts, powerboats and sailboats, began by their lives by being constructed of light-enough materials to keep them afloat. Boats in the modern era were first constructed of wood, plywood and linear laminated… Read More »

Top DC Area Property Development Firms

Washington DC is in a redevelopment stage. Real estate developers like FLH Company ( are extra busy building sustainable and green technology structures.

Annual Dart Sponsored Gala in its Fifth Year

It’s no surprise that the Dart Foundation, where Ken Dart (learn more) sits on the board of directors, makes a difference in communities all over the nation. Though the Dart family likes to give back to their home community in Michigan, with over $14.4 million dollars in grants to organizations in mid-Michigan alone, the Dart Foundation also makes huge impacts in faraway communities. Sarasota, Florida cites the Dart Foundation as responsible for improvement in several different organizations.