Ryan Reynolds Receives “Hasty Pudding Award” For The Year 2017

By | February 9, 2017

Hasty Pudding Theatricals Society, a theatricals wing of the Harvard University, has since 1967 been giving the prestigious award in the field of theatricals, “Hasty Pudding Man of The Year” Award. The theatrical society honors the winner of the award by hosting various events that have elements of the winner, and the venue of the event chosen is Farkas Hall, named for Andrew Farkas, CEO of Island Capital Group and a Harvard alum. The award is given after through consultation among the members of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals Society as to which of the artists has made long-lasting and remarkable contributions in the field of entertainment.

This year, Ryan Reynolds is chosen for the award, who is a Canadian actor and producer. He has been active in the business of entertainment for around 25 years now, and the roles he has played are diverse, intense, and most of all entertaining, the most recent ones of which is playing the title character role in the box-office hit Deadpool. For the movie Deadpool, Ryan received Golden Globe Award’s nomination.

This year the Hasty Pudding Ceremony took place at the Farkas’s Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the roast of Ryan Reynolds was hosted in which many famous names participated. Ryan Reynolds showed extremely energetic and enthusiastic side of him during the event and even performed a lap dance on one of the participants during the event, which cracked the audience in laughter. Ryan Reynolds was looking great as always at the award ceremony, wearing the black velvet suit. During the roast, he even had a friendly banter with one of the celebrity participants of the event, Kyle Whelihan, who impersonated Ryan’s wife Blake Lively in the dress of a zombie.

And to add a flare of visual humor, Ryan was even asked to wear the Deadpool inspired bra, the pictures of which have been going viral on the social media. The fans of Ryan are more than happy to see Ryan receive the award he rightfully deserves, and also because of the show he presented at the event. He also received a Green Lantern during the show. The announcement that this year’s Hasty Pudding Award goes to Ryan was made in January. Guan Chen, president of the society, said that Ryan’s achievements to entertain, act inspiringly and be a commercial success are proven. He also added with a tinge of humor that Ryan’s kiss with Andrew Garfield during the Golden Globes Award Ceremony is a clear indication that he’s well-prepared for his roast.