Yacht Owners Inspire Giving

By | February 26, 2016

The world of yachts and yachting has been rapidly changing, but for the racing element of yachting the changes are truly, astonishing. Pleasure crafts, powerboats and sailboats, began by their lives by being constructed of light-enough materials to keep them afloat. Boats in the modern era were first constructed of wood, plywood and linear laminated wood members, but then fiberglass entered the picture and became the material of choice, and, actually, boat prices, which had been built in the domain of the expensive shipwrights, began to be mass produced.

The costs of production were brought down by using molds in which to lay in the various layers of fiberglass and resins. Fiberglass was the material for boats and yachts but carbon fiber and other exotics began to have a place, especially, among racing yachts. Anyone fond of the America’s Cup is amazed, confounded by the development of this once classic, staid, traditional boat race. That old maxim, the longer the waterline the faster the boat, works for displacement mono-hulls, but now the America’s Cup is contested by science fiction sea craft which skim over the waters at breakneck speeds.
With the advent of space-age technology coming down from racing to impact the building of sleek and fast mega-yachts, the emergence of an international yacht community has formed. Owners of these sleek sea craft are the members of a select club of pleasure boaters, who can afford such a craft, and these members are happy to support charities that benefit the peoples and the area around their yacht clubs. Island Global Yachting is a franchise organization which selects the finest yacht clubs around the world to be listed as an affiliate member. If you are a member of the IGY organization, you can dock your boat at any of the member affiliates anywhere in the world.
As a way of introducing themselves to the yachting community, and as an act of goodwill they are sponsoring a community service initiative combining pleasure craft owners and captains and crews with the communities around the yacht clubs connected with Island Global Yachting.
The next event takes place June 11, in the New York City area. Tom Mukami is the CEO of IGY Marinas, he wishes to give back to the communities located near the IGY Marinas. In addition, Andrew Farkas serves as the Founder & Chairman. The beneficiaries of this charity are focused on playground restoration, services for the young and aged and animal adoption. Makami said, “We hope this call to action serves as a model for the marina industry and as inspiration to others.”